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Leadership Team

Slow Food Madison has a leadership board of up to 7 people, elected from the general membership. These folks administer the organization, plan our events, design our projects, and volunteer often in our community. Here are the current leaders:

Matt Feifarek

Matt got involved in Slow Food as a leader in the NYC chapter in 2005 after reading a book about the history of agriculture: it became clear to him that food was at the center of everything, and was a good place to volunteer. He loved the people he met through Slow Food: the farmers, chefs, activists and volunteers who were passionately working to make the food-shed in NYC a more good, clean, and fair one (he loved the foodie-gossip too.) In 2009, Matt moved to Madison, and joined the leadership team here, where he now sits as chair.

He loves to cook, loves the “DIY” aspects of Slow Food. He loves craft cocktails, micro-brew, wines, coffee, arugula, pickles, tacos… etc. He also has backyard chickens, a community garden spot, makes pickles, and makes-do with a pretty low-fi apartment kitchen.

For the hour or two a week that he’s not thinking about or talking about food, he works as an IT, marketing, and research guy for a small start-up in the steel industry that is based in Austin and Münich. He attends Buddhist philosophy lectures, bowls a shaky 160 and takes some photographs.

Gail Hutchison

Born in nearby Sauk City, Gail grew up on her family’s farm in Illinois just south of Monroe, WI. The farm was settled by her ancestors in the 1840’s, so she has a deep love of and respect for this region, the farmers/producers who opt for quality over quantity, the rich land and the great variety of food produced upon it. Sustainable farming and traditional cooking rank high on her list of interests… and food, as part of a slow, heartfelt engagement, has always been a central part of her life.

When she moved to Madison after college, she decided to “try every local [non-chain] restaurant in town”. This never-ending goal continues to be a joyous work-in-progress and a great way to forage the local food culture. Gail considers herself an average cook with moments of sublime greatness … and likes to experiment in the kitchen. Gail joined the board in 2011 and looks forward to learning more about local food initiatives and helping to enrich the lives of others through her work in classes, events and outreach work.

Philip Crawford

Philip has long been interested in food, economics, and health. He learned to cook from his mother and older sister Susan and gardening from his father. He has fond memories of working in his family’s community gardening plots growing up in Chippewa Falls.

Philip’s interests in foraging, DIY, health, and food led him to create Madison FoodCamp in the spring of 2012. FoodCamp focuses on neighbors helping neighbors learn about creating their own food.

When not designing or writing software, he loves spending nights and weekends running, foraging, fishing, gardening, or anything else outdoors.

Lisa Ferin

Lisa was fortunate enough to have been introduced to good food at a very young age. She grew up between New York City and Rome, with parents and grandparents who were all accomplished home cooks. Summers meant wandering the open-air market in Rome with her grandmother and aunt, looking for the freshest fruit, vegetables, fish, and meat for the family meals. Slow Food was an everyday experience.

She first heard about Slow Food Madison when her daughter was just a toddler. Determined to introduce her daughter to the same kinds of fresh, local foods she had grown up with, Lisa started attending Slow Food events. In the decade-plus since, she has been a member, a board member, Slow Food Madison leader, advisor and now back to board member. She was also a translator for Madison’s Italian sister city Slow Food chapter, Slow Food Mantova.

When she’s not at Slow Food meetings, Lisa is a jewelry maker, Italian tutor, and a happy Flamenco student.

Adrianna Fie

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Adrianna developed her love of food at an early age. She took quickly to the seafood in her hometown, San Francisco, and inspired more than one double take as a 5-year-old consuming a large bowl of steamed clams at the Cliff House.

In 2011, Adrianna arrived in Madison, by way of New York, where she indulged her passion, looking closely at cultural and logistical aspects of food, in the Food Studies program at NYU. (Research projects included: Milk trucks and early lager beer production in the U.S.) That’s also where she first learned of Slow Food, a discovery that helped her realize a devotion and preoccupation with food was not only normal, it could be admirable.

Now that she’s in Madison, she’s most pleased to be in a place where the there’s ready access to good, clean and fair food. Every Spring she even tries to grow some of her own, to varying results. Adrianna now runs Flotsam + Fork, an online kitchen and housewares shop, and sells meats and cheeses at the Underground Butcher.


Trevor Brown

Trevor was exposed to delicious, slow food from an early age, but it took him over two decades to begin to fully appreciate everything that goes into bringing a quality meal to the table. Now an earnest gardener, fermentation enthusiast, and home cook, Trevor has come to realize that the preparation of tasty, honest food doesn’t have to be difficult or complex. As a member of the Slow Food Madison board, Trevor hopes to help dispel the mystique surrounding the production, preparation, and consumption of remarkable food. Trevor firmly believes that human beings’ unique relationship with food is a legacy worth celebrating!

When he is not dreaming up his latest fermentation experiment, gardening with his wife, or stuffing his bike pannier with heirloom apples at the farmer’s market, Trevor can be found designing user experiences at a local learning games company.